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The Simpsons Inu is a brand new BSC Project for 2023 that focuses on bringing the latest developmental dAPPs as well as being a great meme focused community token. Together, with our Dev knowledge and a strong community backing – we can take The Simpsons Inu to new heights!

Dust Staking Platform Coming Soon...

Users with a predetermined amount of Simpsons Inu Tokens will be able to pool/stake their dust tokens. Once a certain amount of these tokens are pooled. Simpsons Inu will sell those and distribute the BNB.

The Simpsons Inu Wallet will allow you to swap, trade and send any token across the crypto network and allow in-app trading. You will also be able to add, withdraw and buy tokens in any recognised currency with an extremely low stable conversion fee.

Join us in Springfield for an ever expanding Simpsons ecosystem!.
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4% Reflections

Rewarding you with free tokens to help pump your bag!

5% Marketing & Development

Help us to Develop the Token further and bring new features and dAPPs that will help us to stand out from the rest. 

Our Whitepaper will take you more into depth on what our plans here at The Simpsons Inu are and a more detailed explanation on our contract that we have in place. 


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Contract Development

Pinksale Launch


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The Simpsons Inu Wallet

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